Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends Show, with PlayNET - an American online system for Commodore 64. PlayNET was the first service of its kind and later spawned both Quantum Link and AOL. 

Original video

h/t: Tim Koch


An impromptu mass media stage in the University of Richmond gymnasium on October 15, 1992. The frame shows a large American flag acting as a curtain, a line of teleprompters, three camera stand tripods, and members of various media outlets and news organizations. 

Andrew Jones toured Richmond, his home town, and then recorded the ramp up and broadcast of the third presidential debate between Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, and George H.W. Bush.  He recorded television broadcasts of the event from a nearby room but was unable to get into the assembly hall for live coverage (meta). The debate was the first “Town Hall” format. 

The 62 minute raw tape was made for The 90s Election Special


A day in the life of the Bowser family, September 1996, near Hemlock Avenue and San Joaquin. Stills from [None of the Above raw #34] produced by Tom Weinberg and recorded by Patrick Creadon. The still of the Bowser children before school can be found in raw tape #60.

None of the Above is a documentary produced during the 1996 presidential election campaign that focused on non-voters.